Tom The Lion’s new video for ‘Silent Partner’

Tom The Lion’s debut album ‘Sleep’ is out now on Wrasse Records.

Our 10/11 review is HERE

Gypsyfingers Debut album Circus Life 25th August 2014

Gypsyfingers are the collaborative musical creation of songwriter Victoria Coghlan & producer Luke Oldfield. Debut album Circus Life is out 25th August 2014. Our review is HERE and the band’s website is HERE

Happyness - ‘Anything I Do Is All Right’ & UK Tour


Oct 8 - The Rocking Chair, Sheffield                Buy tickets
Oct 10 - The Parish, Huddersfield                    Buy tickets
Oct 11 - Twisterella Festival - Middlesbrough  Buy tickets
Oct 12 - The Fulford Arms, York                       Buy tickets
Oct 14 - Electrowerkz, London                        Buy tickets
Oct 15 - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham             Buy tickets
Oct 16 - The Old Bookshop, Bristol                 Buy tickets
Oct 17 - The Cookie, Leicester                        Buy tickets

The ‘Anything I Do Is All Right’ EP is released on 1st September and can be pre-ordered here

The Fauns - 4AM

The Fauns have recently been touring Europe with Alcest.  The band will also be playing the Simple Things Festival, Bristol (headlined by Mogwai & Caribou) on October 25th 2014

THE FAUNS - 4AM from Fyra Films on Vimeo.

The Fauns - 4AM


The Fauns have recently been touring Europe with French post-rockers Alcest.  The band will be playing Simple Things Festival in Bristol on 25th October 

THE FAUNS - 4AM from Fyra Films on Vimeo.

Moonface Announces ‘City Wrecker’ EP Out 15th Sept On Jagjaguwar, + UK/EU Tour Dates

Hello everyone and anyone.

I recently made some more recordings under the name Moonface, which take the form of a 5 song EP called ‘City Wrecker’, and run at around half an hour.

'City Wrecker' is the title track of the ep. I wrote it before Miley Cyrus released ‘Wrecking Ball’, but I cannot prove it. Oh well. In describing the song (and maybe the whole EP) I would say it’s the aesthetic opposite of ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus, which is not to say that’s a good thing or a bad thing, just an apple for you to hold up beside your orange. Regardless of all that, my friend Eetu, who recorded this EP, still likes to call the song ‘Wrecking Ball’ and to sometimes call me Miley, but that’s okay cuz we’re buddies.

I lived in Finland for a couple of years, but now I live in a little town nestled in the woods of Vancouver Island. This is a recent move, and so ‘City Wrecker’ represents the last album I completed in Helsinki. Maybe I will go back to that big icy lighthouse, and all the lovely weirdos within I have come to love, one day, but for now I have used it up.

I have a tendency to wreck the places I live. I am a luster scraper; a green grass imaginer. I wreck places emotionally, as in, even though they stay the same objectively, they somehow worsen in my heart. I wreck their meaning, and so ultimately their function. No more crackling inspiration. I waste my own time. I get bored. I turn gardens into dust bowls.

And I am a city wrecker not just for myself, but for those close to me as well, for my wrecking is a quiet and creeping poison that is hard to identify; hard to see coming through my mist of moods. I fuss, and then still am dissatisfied, making my loved ones feel sad and helpless, angry and confused, and perhaps most terribly, responsible. Though of course they are blameless and magnificent.

I suppose this is why I have moved so many times in my life. It is not a good characteristic, and one I should work toward eradicating from my personality. But having regret is also unhealthy. So, I am Popeye?

Anyway, all of the songs on this ep, in one way or another, are about places. Going in and going out. Regret and hope. The past and the future. Ducking out early from your own farewell party. That’s why it’s called ‘City Wrecker’.

Spencer Krug

The ‘City Wrecker’ EP is released 15th September on Jagjaguwar in the UK and Europe, pre-order it here:

Jagjaguwar / SCD
Indie stores

Moonface UK/EU shows:

09/03/14 Bergen, NO - Perfect Sounds Forever - tickets
09/04/14 Aarhus, DK - Aarhus Festival Week
09/05/14 Copenhagen, DK - Jazzhouse - tickets
09/06/14 Vlieland, NL - Into The Great Wide Open Festival
09/07/14 Haarlem, NL - Doopgezinde Gemeente Kerk - tickets
09/09/14 London, UK - Cecil Sharp House - tickets
10/25/14 Lisbon, PT - Jameson Urban Routes Festival

Bolton born & bred ‘Our Fold’ - ‘She Goes on’

Whoo! One to blow your socks off & apparently Dave Grohl likes em!

Their second single called ‘She Goes On’ comes out next week on D Set Records.  

Here’s a tip for the 50th Cambridge Folk Festival - Hazmat Modine

Our man says “check their Live album on Spotify. Sounds like Zappa back from the dead”!

Band Website

Orion by 2:54 & live show announced for November

Named after a specific drum roll in the Melvins’ song “A History of Bad Men”, 2:54 are comprised of sisters Hannah and Collette Thurlow.

They play St. Pancras Old Church in London on Wed 19th Nov.

Tickets are HERE

Rock with an Accordion - Kongos - ‘Come with me Now’

Following a support slot with Alice In Chains the four brothers of Kongos have unveiled their debut single ‘Come with me Now”. Their debut album ‘Lunatic’ is out in the UK on 11th August via Epic Records.

Band Website